About GEOSoft

I'm not going to put a lot of information in here for the time being but I will give you a bit of history.  Most of you know that my first name is George and probably assume that the "handle" GEOSoft has something to do with that fact. Not so!  Although I do use it as a handle on several forums and some newsgroups, there is actually a history behind the name.  It stems from a business I owned for over 20 years,  We had a control program written originally in Pascal called Grain Elevator Management System or GEMS.  The name was later changed to Grain Elevator Operating System or GEOS and the software development department was split into a separate entity, GEOSoft, which actually stood for Grain Elevator Operations Software. The systems were also used in several feed mills. Our systems were all top of the line for the era. We used Apple II, Apple II+ and the famous (infamous?) Apple 2C's finally migrating to various PC's when we changed our programs to being Delphi based. By then we had several programs including flow control systems that were used in locations other than grain elevators and feed mills. By the way, our Apples all used Bubble Memory, Google it. Eventually the business was sold but without the trade name.  I still own the copyrights to the name GEOSoft but as you can see it is now used primarily as a handle in newsgroups and forums.

At one time I was also a Microsoft MVP (Windows) and was known as Bindar Dundat© in the MS newsgroups which eventually was shortened by a friend to Dundat.  I got into using simple scripting to solve some of the issues that people had with Microsoft software.  As most of you know it can get tiring answering the same questions over and over again with explicit instructions of "do this, do that and now do this other thing using this method" and it became easier to just write a script that they run to do it or to give them a link to a web page with all the instructions and warnings. That in turn led to the creation of my primary web (Dundats) which is aimed mainly at help and support. It is still up and running although that is one of the sites which will be undergoing a complete rebuild in the very near future to make it's look consistent with the page you are viewing now.  Other than working on the web pages I am pretty much out of writing code of any flavor except than what I may put together to help someone in a forum. I'm now into my 60's so it's time to give the grey matter a rest but I can't do that without saying a big thank you to all of the people who have helped me out with code over the years. You people know who you are and you all get my vote for the "Best of People" (BoP) awards.

I hope you enjoy your visits to the site.
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